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For over 90 years the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest had been supported by industry partners and coordinated by USDA personnel.

Since 2010 the contest has not had an industry major contest sponsor and the organizers have struggled to provide the necessary funds to hold the contest provide travel stipends and give awards to the students. In the past the contest has had as many as 25 universities and colleges from the US, Canada and around the world participate in the contest. Each team would have 4 to 6 participants. These 150 students provided the food industry with a steady stream of uniquely qualified professionals.

In order to restore this valuable "real world" competition to its past levels of participation we need the help of our Industry Partners including processors, suppliers, trade association and individuals, especially past participants of the contest. Industry and University supporters of the contest have formed a non-profit organization that will allow them to continue this 90 year contest tradition and to re-invigorate this competition. If you or your organization would like to contribute to this great educational experience please go to the sponsorship information listing on this page for more details about sponsorship opportunities.

If you would like to send a tax deductable donation to the Collegiate Dairy Product Evaluation Contest Fund, please make out your donation check to
National Dairy Shrine — CDPEC Fund. The National Dairy Shrine is helping with the financial arrangements and providing the non-profit status for the
contest organization.

Send all donations to the National Dairy Shrine, PO Box 725, Denmark, WI 54208.

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